Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Every Year!

Every year I make a New Years Resolution to be better at blogging and or keeping a journal. Every time I fail miserably…. I have never been good at it. I received my first journal when I was 12 and it took me till I was 20 to actually fill the entire thing up. My poor future family will not know what happened to me in my 20’s because I have not kept record of it! (Future family, I had a lot of fun!)

I even offered to pay my dear friend Natalie to be my personal blogger! I would pay her in dresses of course. She did not take the bait (She didn't want payment for it! Crazy girl!). Her blog is amazing and she really has a talent for keeping up on it.

I have a talent for reading others blogs! That should count for something in my mind.

So here’s to a new start! Here’s to a great year! Let’s see if I can do a lot better than last year!